Puravia Training



EC Regulation 852/2004 requires food entrepreneurs to guarantee that all employees who handle food are monitored in accordance with their work and trained in matters of food hygiene.

The aim of any food hygiene briefing conducted is to hone hygiene awareness among all concerned. Laws and regulations can only create the framework conditions for handling, manufacturing or selling food. Hygiene-aware conduct must become and remain the norm in the daily handling of food.




  • Establish training priorities
    • Agree special training priorities
    • Identify special features of the facility which have a bearing on training
  • Conduct training on food hygiene in accordance with the Infection Protection Act for up to 25 people
    • Accommodate circumstances unique to the facility
  • Document follow-on instruction in accordance with HACCP standards
    • Food Hygiene Regulation, every year
    • German Infection Protection Act, every two years