Dr. Becher GmbH

Founded in Hanover as a family-run wax melting works in 1896, the company relocated to Seelze in 1952. For decades, Dr. Becher GmbH was part of a group affiliation but has now returned to being a family-run business once more. With a product range of more than 300 products for cleaning, disinfection and care. Today, Dr. Becher is the brand name in the catering and food processing industries and market leader in the Cash & Carry trade. All products are tried and tested and were developed in the company's own research laboratory..



Disinfection for drinking water, hoses & tanks

• certified procedure in accordance with TrinkwV (German Drinking Water Regulation) and DVGW Worksheet W291

• concentrated, chlorine-free and pH value - stand-alone solution

• highly effective disinfection of water


Dr. Becher drinking water disinfection offers professional drinking water hygiene for drinking water hoses, tanks, drinking water systems or water lines. The active agent chlorine dioxide is one of the most effective certified disinfectants according to the Drinking Water Regulation. Ideal for disinfecting drinking water hoses from the tapping point to the dispensing station. It is also suitable for sterilising and cleaning water and water tanks, also in mobile homes, camper vans and boats, etc. Combats and dissolves harmful biofilms. Effective in killing algae, bacteria, fungi, yeast, pathogenic germs, viruses and Legionella. Dr. Becher drinking water disinfectant is free of silver ions, odourless and of neutral taste in drinking water.