Sustainability is writ large at Dr. Becher With the development of numerous systems to improve our life cycle assessment and their systematic implementation in all areas of the company, we are becoming ever more successful in meeting our own aspiration to manage the company in a way that protects natural resources.:

As a brand manufacturer of professional cleaning agents, we are aware of our responsibility for environmental compatibility, especially as a chemical company. In all our business processes, from development and purchasing to admin, we pay attention to sustainability and avoid waste, e.g. of paper or energy. We stick to strict guidelines in our company such as the following.:

  • The raw materials used for our products are not of animal origin in order to keep the Co2 emissions and animal husbandry factors associated with animals as low as possible.
  • The surfactants used are partially from regenerative raw materials and biologically degradable in accordance with OECD methods.
  • The perfumes we use are largely ecoTest-compliant.
  • A high concentration of the active agent makes the products economical to use and reduces the volume of packaging and packing material used. Low use of drinking water in high concentrates.
  • All bottles and closures are made of recyclable PE/PET. Secondary packaging consists of cardboard boxes containing a high proportion of recycled paper.
  • Our products contain no formaldehyde, APEOs, aromatic solvents or CFCs.
  • 100% of packaging materials can be fed back into the material cycle.

In the last few years, life cycle assessments and sustainability have taken on ever greater significance in our company and are now among our important corporate goals. By this we mean points such as the following:

  • Our company is certified to the ISO:9001 quality standard to ensure that we put efficiency and quality front and centre in everything we do.
  • Products are made almost exclusively in Seelze near Hanover.
  • We are constantly modernising our production, thereby becoming ever more efficient.
  • Thanks to our combined heat and power plant which came on stream in 2017, we were able to further reduce our Co2 footprint to make our operation future-proof.
  • Aspects such as proximity to our facility are important decision-making criteria when selecting suppliers in order to avoid unnecessary transport and reduce harmful emissions.
  • All finished goods are stored in the factory and transported directly to the customer, avoiding any stop-off points.
  • Any preparatory work and assistance we require is provided by the neighbouring Lebenshilfe (facility for the mentally retarded), with the result that transport is wholly eliminated and we can make a sensible contribution to the community.
  • Energy-saving production methods that protect resources help to save energy in the company.
  • Expanded tank storage, thereby reducing the number of trips required.


All products comply with legal requirements and the ingredients meet current guidelines.


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We are a member of the Association of the German Chemical Industry and we are committed to acting in the spirit of the worldwide Initiative Responsible Care and continually improving the protection of health and the environment as well as the safety of employees and fellow citizens on our own initiative.

We work closely with the Hanover Climate Protection Agency. Thanks also to our membership in the industrial federations IKW (German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association) and IHO (Industrial Federation for Hygiene and Surface Protection) as well as our active participation in working groups and technical committees, we are always ahead of the game when it comes to the subject of sustainability. We are one of the few SMEs to be a direct member of the European Umbrella Association A.I.S.E (International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products).

We recently won the Ökoprofit Betrieb 2019 award.