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  • Site inspection and recording of current hygiene status:
    • Identify weaknesses
    • Identify gaps when measured against the HACCP standard
    • Determine the need for action regarding staff
  • Determine the critical control points
  • Draft individual check-lists for the company such as:
    • temperature monitoring of foodstuffs requiring cooling
    • goods inwards inspection
    • BBD monitoring cold storage / dry warehousing
    • retained samples
    • temperature monitoring at food serving location
    • pest control
  • Draft individual cleaning and disinfection plans with free selection of products
  • Set dishwasher/glass-washing machine*
    • Determine water hardness and conductance
    • Review washing and rinsing temperatures
    • Conduct test wash of dishwasher and review results
    • Training for staffs
    • Document service performance in accordance with DIN 10510  
    • Calibrate dosing system for Dr. Becher products**
  • Economic viability analysis on request
  • Provide documentation for follow-on staff instruction
  • On-the-job briefing and handover of hygiene concept to the person responsible including modifiable files, with the aim of:
    • adapting hygiene concept to changes made by the person responsible for hygiene
    • duplicating documents for your own facility

*payable bookable

**for reasons of product liability, the dishwasher or glass-washing machine can only be set up with Dr. Becher products.