Hygiene seminars



Dr. Becher has for many years been collaborating with trade partners to provide extensive training on the subject of hygiene. A certificate is issued confirming participation.

These seminars are directed at food-processing entrepreneurs. According to EC Regulation 852/2004, they are obliged to train all staff who handle food. The German Infection Protection Act requires compulsory instruction to be carried out every two years.

This duty to provide instruction also applies to people who come into contact with commodities, particularly cleaning and dishwashing staff.

Foodstuffs may only be manufactured, processed or placed on the market in such a way that they are not exposed to any detrimental influences if due diligence is observed.

As part of the EC Regulation we can also provide:

  • Hygiene brochures 
  • Cleaning schedules – for monitoring and documenting cleaning, giving practical examples of how to create your own individual plan